Fort Reno Tombstone Tales

Historic Fort Reno hosts an annual event called Tombstone Tales, in which re-enactors offer first-person narratives of the lives of the men and women buried in the fort’s cemetery.


Al Benson, one of only 10 living Buffalo Soldiers from WWII, and the only one living in Oklahoma, in the role of a Buffalo Soldier from the fort's days as an army outpost on the frontier.

World Photography Day

Today, August 19 is World Photography Day. I have no idea who makes up these “days”, but I like this one , and thought I’d share something I shot this morning. This was at Express Ranches, with two of their workers. While I was waiting for the driver to arrange the horse trailer we were shooting, I snapped this quick image of the two riders.


Happy shooting!

Event photography, and working with other photographers

Every now and then I get a chance to back up another photographer on something outside my usual line of work. I almost always enjoy it, in part for the opportunity to do something a little different, and in part because I genuinely enjoy being around other photographers, talking shop and exchanging ideas. Last month I assisted Sheradee Hurst (by the way, if you’ve got kids, you should know her name — great children’s photographer among other talents) at the 2011 Variety Care Variety Show.

I spent most of the evening manning a photobooth-style shooting spot. Great, great fun.

Former Oklahoma governor Brad Henry attended with his family and took part in the festivities.

Old Sports Photos, Vince Young Edition

I say this purely as a fan, but I am SO ready for football to start!

Old Sports Photos, Softball Edition

A number of years ago, I made my living as a sports writer and photographer. Today, I was looking through my archives and found a couple of old favorites from a summer of shooting softball that I thought I’d post here. I’m no longer in the sports game (though I’d love to shoot some portraits of some of the players I’ve shot before), but it was a really fun time, and there’s not much better than being at a ballpark in the summer.

Pitcher Jennie Finch

Former Arizona standout Caitlin Lowe

And no post about USA Softball is complete without a nod to fellow Texas alum Cat Osterman. Hook ‘em!

Steven Minor for Think Magazine

I was recently asked to shoot a basic headshot for my good friend  Steven Minor, Director of Marriage and Parenting at Focus Press and a contributor to their publication Think Magazine. Great, very quick shoot with a very personable, funny subject…

… who called a timeout in the middle of the shoot for a little iPhone business.


Earlier this month, I packed my bags headed south for a five-day stay in Austin, Texas. Not only is it one of my favorite cities on the planet, Austin is home to the South by Southwest music, film and interactive festival. I went down to do some work for Public Media Texas, a news service that both aggregates news from public media outlets across the state, and produces original content about Texas people and issues.

I got to town and had just enough time to visit my favorite taco stand before meeting up with Joe Bailey, Jr. and Steve Mims, University of Texas grads and the co-directors of Incendiary: The Willingham Case, which won the Louis Black Lone Star award with its premiere at SXSW.

Shoot No. 2 was with Chelsey Delaney, another Texas grad, who organized a SXSWi panel on the role of humor in design. The initial plan was a night shot from the south side of Town Lake, with Austin beautifully lit up behind her. Scheduling issues necessitated a backup plan, and we ended up making some portraits at an outdoor cafe on the east side of town.

The final shoot of the weekend was with the principals of Wyatt Brand, Rachel and David Wyatt. A p.r. and branding firm based in Austin, Wyatt Brand was selected to represent a delegation of Israeli musicians, filmmakers and tech experts. Known for their excellence in representing cultural interests, Rachel and David are also two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and absolutely amazing to work with.